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Herotic Horror - Fantom Kiler - Teraz Films group bdsm movies

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Release Year: 1998
Studio: Teraz Fims
Cast: Eliza Borecka, Katarzyna Zelnik, Magda Szymborska bdsm video porn, Andrej Jass.
Genres: Exploitation, Erotic Thriller, amatory poem horror, submission, bondage,sadomaso, torture
Video language: German

Fantasy and substantialness become blurred as a misogynistic, masked killer ritually stalks and kills beauteous women who he has encountered previously.
A very stylish East European video through extreme nudity. A mysoginistic killer is slicing through the beautiful women folk of a ungifted town but leaves no clues. A clever, original and very amorous video.
The story opens with a naked blond girl found hackneyed to death in the woods. The two detectives on the cause wonder if it could have anything to do with the young woman who was split in half a year ago, time for a gratuitous sudden burst of light back to jog our memories. Blimey two deaths in the ~ and foremost two minutes, not bad going.
The scene changes to a railway condition in a small mid European town. Commuters come and go with less than the critical gaze of Marek and Piotre, two chauvinistic cleaners, yet their brand of chauvinism borders on misogyny. Ursula, a beautiful professional woman arrives and falls tangled of their evil pranks. Darkness falls and out in the woods things go from bad to worse as Ursula becomes totally lost. Not solely does she lose herself but she loses her clothes as well, conjecture its one of those group bdsm video days. But unfortunately for Ursula she quiet has one more thing to lose as she walks into the hands of the “Fantom Kiler”.
Ursula’s dying is just one of many deaths in this film and its any of the most brutally protracted I’ve seen in a long time. After being endlessly slashed acrossed the breasts and stomach, the “Kiler” moves in instead of “the kil” as he viciously “rapes” her with his knife. I would in likelihood be right in saying that never in the history of cinema has there been such a gratuitously group sex bdsm protracted death.
Another day, another body. Its tempestuous to tell who is the more misogynistic in this movie, the Kiler, the janitors or the grimy detectives with their flippant remarks “I wonder what she did to merit such a fate?” and commenting on a woman who was beforehand drilled to death “She left this world with more holes in her than while she arrived”. It seems that in this European town all the women are stentorian intellectuals and all the men bigoted chauvinistic creeps. Maybe there is a message behind this madness, but to most I’m sure it determine be totally lost in the wanton display of gratuitously naked brutality which carries on unabated as in a dream sequence a bespectacled brunette has her nighty ripped right side by the Kiler outside some cemetery gates. He slaps her to the region, as she frantically searches for her glasses then comes up rearward her and garrotes her. The entire scene is cleverly shot through the eyeball making us become the uncomfortable voyeur as we watch the girls demise grunts in an eerie uneasy silence. Fantom Kiler segues from pageant to scene quite poetically but the next transition must take highest prize. We hear a telephone ringing and through the pupil (for the re~on that if in some tacky piece of Dali-esque mis en view) a phone comes spinning from the centre of the pupil and lands attached the desk of the snoring Marek. Is he the owner of the vagary, is he the kiler?
Carla arrives on the scene wearing a two of cut offs that would make any man’s eyes sprinkle and calender (Hmmm not quite sure if that makes sense, anyway they are tight). It turns with~ that she’s the temp cleaner and goes to work, unintentionally displaying breasts and pussy during the time that she cleans up the station - for once Marek is impressed. Carla is a fit girl - Miss Butt Beautiful in fact, in a bizarre scene she explains (out of the aid of clothes) how she keeps her derriere so bold. This is rounded off with an even group bdsm videos more bizarre bet in a line the lines of King Arthur and Excalibur where Marek has to gather a wooden spoon from Carla’s asshole. The ensuing struggle is outrageously gay.
Time for buxom blonde Anna to walk upon the scene in a revealing equipment guaranteed to boil the blood of any hot blooded male. Like Ursula she falls rainy of the duo and is cursed to eternal damnation by Marek who appears the greater amount of evil of the two. Out in the woods the Fantom Kiler is employment the shots and so Anna finds herself bereft of clothing, there is a sense of deja vu but who’s complaining. The deja vu melting soon disappears when The Kiler aims a cold steel chisel at the surpassingly delight of her unsuspecting anus and pulls back the hammer - cinema earliest? I think so?
More killings ensue until the film leads to each original climax as Carla’s lesbian lover appears on the sight. Marek, having fallen for Carla is incensed and goes totally opposite the edge. The incredible finally almost blows away all that has gone in advance of as the Fantom Kiler, this time using a floor map, tries a turned backward Excalibur on Carla - am I being cryptic enough? 90mins.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:28:14
Video: 720x544, DivX 5, 858kbps
Audio: 109kbps

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File greatness: 631.4 MB

group bdsm clips

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