Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jay Edwards - Jev-023 - Claudia's Lesson informed consent bdsm web site

informedconsent bdsm

Genre: Bondage, Fetish iniziazione al bdsm, No Sex
Length: 1:33:01
Starring: Claudia, Tory Sinclair

Description: Our statement begins with Jay coming home from work to his lovely wife Claudia. She is perfectly loving and attentive - so much so that Jay becomes suspicious of her motives. Jay is going to a business function and Claudia is determined to go - Jay says not! She won't take no for an answer until she is tied and gagged with his handkerchief and yoke. Claudia is left to struggle while Jay is away. When he comes home Claudia is subdue tied ... Jay undresses her except for her mesh pantyhose. A ballgag replaces the handkerchief and Claudia tries desperately to conference to Jay. She is given a infromed consent bdsm great spanking and cries to the end for help from behind her gag. When Jay takes her to the basement we see her standing with arms above her head; stripped and motionless bare tiptoes. Nipple clamps - chained by her ballgag to the download bdsm video wall - and more spanks to her waiting butt keep Claudia in her place. She is on that account stretched out between the walls and her flesh is slowly stroked through ice cubes. The suspension of Claudia from the ceiling, as she twirls, by her elbows together give you a great view of her pass. When finally Claudia promises to be good - very, very good. Tory begins her serfdom by showing us her ass - tied informed consent bdsm uk high in the air and vulnerable to most anything. The leather strap leaves its mark and teat clips are added to further her punishment. Tory struggles to make acquisition free but we all know that isn't download bdsm porn going to chance. Stretched out on the bed, she is treated to nipple clamps and crotchrope pulled to the ceiling - the tenacious tape gag means she won't disturb the neighbors.

informedconsent bdsm

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video format: RM / RAM / RMVB
Video Codec: RealVideo
Audio Codec: Real Cooker
Video: RealVideo 4 286 Kbps 340x264 30 fps
Audio: Cooker 64.1 Kbps 44.1 KHz 16 bits mono

File dimensions: 237.6 MB

informedconsent bdsm

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