Friday, October 14, 2011

Isis Love & Audrey Rose sadomasoquismo bdsm

satan bdsm
Year of making:2011
Genre: bdsm, Bondage, Hardcore, Domination amatuer bdsm, HDRip, 720p
Duration:22 min
In roles: Isis senora ama bdsm Love & Audrey Rose
Live Show Mondays begins the month by part 1 of 4 of our August live show with violent-bodied co-top Isis Love and the sexy Audrey Rose sesion bdsm barcelona.
This is the disturb of our live show we did in August with the worthy of adoration Audrey Rose. If you have never seen one before we answer bdsm movie the purpose all the tying and untying on screen and move the damsel quickly from one scene to the next. No breaks, 4 sexo bdsm hard to manage ties, all in about 1 hour of real time. It's one of the hardest hours on the internet.
After 1/2 sixty minutes of Audrey talking to the members we get it started. We harden her wrist and elbows sexo gay bdsm duro back over a bar. We bind her breasts brutally tight and stifle her. We then tape the gag into the perfect gag. We desecrate her body with floggers, her nipples with clamps and weights. Isis makes her cum past and over. Only 15 minutes have passed and Audrey is exhausted, and that was appropriate the warm up. 3 scenes to go.
satan bdsm

File size: 813.6 MB

satan bdsm

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