Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hard Tied - Star (part 1) - Sep 20, 2006 goddess bdsm

gold bdsm collar

Milky skin, blond and blue-eyed, Star’s been a bondage model instead of years, even toughing it out at Insex. Yet she’s one enigma. As PD lashes her to a post and tapes her part to it, as he paws her and strips her, he pushes her buttons. For the foremost time, he makes her come. She’s surprised, uneasy. As he whips her and pokes her stand with a skewer, it’s clear. She goddess worship bdsm’d rather take displease than gory bdsm intimacy. He wants to break through. She’s determined to gorian bdsm rebuff. Hanging from a post with Mr. Pogo propped porn bdsm inside and a vibrator buzzing ~ward her pussy, she bursts into orgasm a second time. Her eyes are veiled, slight. As bdsm porno though she knows.

Format: rm
Video: RealVideo 4 640480 15.00fps 373Kbps
Audio: RealAudio COOK 44100Hz stereo
Length: 00:28:28

File bulk: 97.0 MB

gold bdsm collar

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