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HOGTIED Jun 11, 2011 - Rain DeGrey and Sensi Pearl bdsm tgp gallery

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Welcome the bendy, tiny, sexy, cute as a kitten Sensi Pearl to Hogtied. There is creative and miraculous bondage, and then there is bdsm pussy torture Hogtied. There's a reason Hogtied considered in the state of been the number one bondage website on bdsm toon the net for the last 8 years. We simply have the most bdsm toons talented riggers and hottest models in the effort; labors.

The first thing you notice when you look at Sensi Pearl is that she is dwarfish, sexy and beautiful. When you look deeper you realize she has talents, and twist is one of them. This tiny girl is bendy.

We sanction her in the full splits to a beam. Her elbows are border touching and bdsm toronto pulled behind her. We cut off her clothing to supply with food a hard muscled, well toned dancers body underneath it all. Her tiny breasts and perfect nipples bdsm toy are hard in anticipation, her shaved pussy is very damp and ready for what comes next.

We flog her hard, sexy carcass. The screams and moans are music to our ears. Her pussy is flogged and the soles of her feet abused. When it seems like our damsel can't hold the position any longer, we bring in the vibrator and show her cum. Not just once, but over and over. Sensi is made to cum and cum and in that place is nothing she can do to stop it. Her body betrays her and the orgasms fit keep coming.

File Size: 488 MB
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Length: 00:12:34
Format: MP4
Pics: included
Studio: Kink

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File size femdom bdsm: 488.8 MB

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